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New York’s new drug problem: what to do with a billion dollar weed mountain?


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March 06, 2023

OSS CEO, Scott Solomon, spoke with The Guardian about the challenges facing the New York market

Cannabis farms are booming upstate, but red tape frustrates newly legal shops in the city. Result: confusion – and a very big stash

Let’s Be Blunt: No smoking in the plazas” is the message that has been placed around Times Square following newly liberalised cannabis laws that have turned New York, some say, into a pot-smoking free for all. The legislation has also set off an upstate cultivation boom that produced 300,000 pounds of weed, valued at three-quarters of a billion dollars, in its first harvest.

So far just a handful of state-licensed dispensaries have opened, a complement to hundreds of weed-selling vape stores, more traditional home delivery services and those calling out their wares in parks and street corners across the city.

…Moreover, under state-by-state legalisation moving weed from one to another is illegal. “The regulations are confounding,” says Scott Solomon of OSS Inc, a risk management company involved in providing secure transportation. “In New York, businesses have none of the resources of the big cannabis players.”

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