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Operational Security Solutions (OSS) Announces Strong Network of Financial Institutions to Support Any License Type in the State of California


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April 11, 2022

Premier Risk Management Company Strikes Key Partnerships With Technology Partners in Banking Compliance for Crucial Service Offering

FRESNO, CA, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – Operational Security Solutions (“OSS”), the premier provider of full-spectrum risk management services with specialization in secure cash management and logistics, compliance services, security consulting, and facility hardening, announced today that the company has completed partnerships with leading technology platforms to offer a strong network of financial institutions to support any license type in the state of California.

This new suite of services from OSS will touch a wide range of financial institution networks, including credit unions, state-chartered banks and multi-state operators that provide payment processing and other financial services throughout the United States.

“After completing our market dominance in the state of California for our core service offerings of secure cash management, compliance and security consulting — we are excited to diversify our industry-leading services with these new technology partnerships,” said Scott Solomon, CEO of OSS. “Working with our new partners, OSS now has the capability to streamline complex financial processes for both high-risk businesses in emerging markets and their partner financial institutions, addressing both compliance and secure payments in real time.”

These powerful technology tools give OSS the ability to support any license type in the state of California for companies in emerging markets that have limited access to secure banking services. This development has also allowed OSS to make the leap from traditional brick-and-mortar service offerings into e-commerce and technology solutions.  

“These capabilities, in combination with our Cash-In-Transit, Smart Safes, and ATM services, we are able to offer our clients and partners the complete suite of transactional mechanisms as a single provider,” related Ryan Hale, Chief Sales Officer of OSS.

OSS offers industry-leading security offerings, cannabis-specific financial service solutions and relationships, connecting highly regulated businesses that struggle to get banking services with financial institutions that have specific programs designed for the industry or organizations that are unable to be serviced by certain banks. Notably, OSS boasts a no-loss record to date.

About Operational Security Solutions

Operational Security Solutions (OSS) is the leading provider of risk management and compliance services to support the security and banking needs of highly regulated markets. OSS supports two dozen financial institutions and more than 100 high risk businesses through bicoastal operations based in California and Philadelphia. Service offerings include secure cash management and logistics, Cash-In-Transit services, security consulting, and compliance services. OSS breaks down the real risks for industries that have limited access to banking services and provides the solutions needed from long years of law enforcement and federal government experience. By the end of 2021, OSS had moved over 2.4 billion into the federal reserve system with a zero loss record.

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