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Things to Consider When Choosing an Armored Car Partner


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July 11, 2022

Operating a cash-intensive business means you have to take extra care when selecting an armored car partner. Your cash is your greatest asset and your greatest risk. Having the right partner in place to securely pickup, transport, track and deposit your money is crucial to business survival. 


What is an armored car partner? Commonly referred to as a Cash-In-Transit (CIT) provider, armored car companies are responsible for the secure handling of a business’ cash, or other valuable assets, to a short-term storage facility and/or a designated financial institution for deposit. There are a multitude of things to consider when selecting a partner and we’re here to help you navigate the waters.


CIT companies have the ability to do so much more than just transport, and if they have the right personnel and facilities in place, businesses should take advantage of that opportunity. For example, there are partners who can handle ATM cash management, smart safes, short-term vaulting and so much more. This can streamline operations, allowing for greater transparency and accountability through the cash’s life cycle. 


Trust is the number one priority when selecting an armored car partner. That’s why businesses should look for transparency throughout the entire cash management process as well as ensure there are checks and balances in place to keep team members accountable. Simple procedures like having more than one person with the assets at all times, camera and GPS monitoring, as well as a separation of job roles can all make sure your business’ assets are secure. 


Just because a company is hired to handle and secure your assets does not mean you lose insight into how it’s being handled or where it is at any given moment. Your armored car partner should have the ability to provide a GPS location and even on-camera verification when you ask for it. They should also be able to walk you through their process in detail, including checks and balances for any employees who will have access to your assets. 


From business licenses to experienced personnel, it’s important to find a CIT provider that has the qualifications to back up their services. Their team should be calm under pressure, consistent in following protocols and a strong commitment to the safety of personnel and assets. 


It’s important for businesses to find a partner that can meet the unique needs of their operation. One size doesn’t fit all and OSS can help develop a plan that works for you. From discreet vehicle models that avoid detection to comprehensive security protocols that ensure your assets are safe, we’ve got your dollar covered from start to finish. Plus, our management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in transport security, facility security, law enforcement, regulatory compliance and more – meaning we take our job seriously and only hires the best in the business.