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cash management


Asset Transportation & Secure Storage

OSS understands that cash-intensive businesses have a significantly higher risk profile as compared to other industries. The large volume of cash transactions caused by current banking restrictions for some industries at the Federal level creates an environment naturally attractive to criminal elements. OSS can help deal with this risk.


  • Are you regularly handling/transporting large volumes of cash?
  • Are you storing large sums of cash in an insecure manner?
  • Are you aware of the risks of becoming a target of criminal intent?

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Cash-In-Transit (CIT) &

Federal Reserve Bank Deposits

  • Secure asset transportation with GPS tracking, transparent accountability, and convenient access.
  • ”Push button simplicity” in scheduling critical asset transportation.
  • Discreet operations that utilize unmarked, armored vehicles and professional armed couriers in plain-clothes uniforms.
  • End-to-end delivery, including cash pickup, validation, and transport to the FRB or other location specified by the financial institution.


Secure Short-Term Vaulting

  • OSS maintains and operates highly secured facilities, with 24/7 armed guard presence, to store business assets.
  • Each facility exceeds State and Federal standards and is fully licensed and insured.
  • OSS also maintains a close working relationship with the law enforcement entities that are responsible for the geographic
    locations of our facilities, ensuring the quickest response time in the event of a threat.

Currency Order Requests 

  • Ability to fulfill currency order requests for businesses who do not have access to typical commercial banking services.
  • OSS works with its financial institution partners to provide change (currency notes and coin) as an add-on to CIT services.


Smart Safe Program

  • Make cash processing faster, safer and more accurate with smart safes and cash recyclers.
  • Automate tedious manual processes that are prone to human error and theft.
  • Full cash transaction transparency when viewed in the cloud, including deposits, change orders, end-of-day balancing and individual user login info.
  • Access all transaction data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week securely from anywhere in the world.
  • All paired with OSS’ signature CIT solutions.

ATM, ITM & Bitcoin Cash Management

  • OSS offers direct sourcing of ATM machines.
  • ATM, ITM & Bitcoin machine cash fulfillment and replenishment through OSS’ suite of services.
  • CIT solutions, including cash pickups and transportation
    through our discreet, armored car model. Cash can
    be transported to the FRB or another location
    specified by your partner financial institution.

Customer Web Portal

  • On demand reporting of your deposits
  • Conveniently request change orders and cash pick ups
  • Track pick up and change order requests
  • See when your deposit was processed
  • Owners can map users to specific locations*
  • Multiple user packages available for larger enterprises

* Available for accounts with multiple locations/stores

Why OSS?

OSS has the deepest reservoir of expertise in secure transportation of critical assets, including personnel. We track our vehicles and our transportation security experts via Global Positioning System (GPS) feeds into our integrated command and control center maintained 24/7 by OSS personnel. Each OSS storage facility leverages security mechanisms, practices, and protocols designed to exceed Federal standards for applicable use cases. Each storage facility is audited on a regular basis to ensure that all potential threats have been anticipated and mitigated to ensure the appropriate threat response protocols are in place.

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