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About Us

About Us

Who are We?

OSS was founded by a highly skilled and experienced team whose backgrounds are uniquely matched to the challenge of pioneering security-based risk management solutions. We specialize in “Full-Spectrum” risk management solutions founded upon proven security protocols, practices and standards designed to anticipate and mitigate the widest scope of potential threats which could result in loss of any kind.

OSS founders have well over 100 years of combined experience in:

Law Enforcement


Transport Security


Facility Security


Financial Management


Regulatory Compliance


Information Technology


Our Vision

OSS aims to be the leading authority on best practices in successfully operating highly regulated businesses that meets and exceeds all State financial reporting and regulatory compliance requirements.

Who We Serve?

OSS offers its “Full-Spectrum” risk management solutions to a wide variety of industries. We utilize our years of expertise to find the right systems and practices to help ensure your business’ security and prepare you for future challenges.

convenience Stores


Retail Stores

Liquor Stores

Cigarette Distributors


Vending Machine Operators

Parking Garages

the problem we address

that must be secured against theft, diversion, AML/BSA violations and civil forfeiture.

that must be secured against unauthorized access and entry.

that must be secured against noncompliance and other kinds of legal risk.

that must be secured against injury, abduction and/or loss of life.


Providing risk management solutions for high-risk industries that are founded upon proven security protocols, practices and standards is our purpose and our exclusive focus.