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OSS has secure storage facilities in Fresno, CA that can service the entire State of California, as well as in Philadelphia, PA that can service all businesses from New York to the District of Columbia. Our facilities provide:


  • Secure storage of confidential documents
  • Minimized risk of theft or exploitation of sensitive information
  • Long-term storage solutions at a competitive rate

Benefits of Offsite Secure Storage: 

    • Increased Security: Our facilities offer multi-step security protocols, locks, security cameras, 24/7 surveillance and secure, discreet transportation of assets – all of which are done by trained and fully vetted industry professionals.
    • Cost Efficient: Utilizing an off-site managed storage facility can reduce the overhead costs associated with file storage, including lowering the physical space needed, security equipment, administrative labor and more in your operations.
    • Ensures Compliance: Federal law regulates the management and accessibility of employee and customer data. Utilizing an off-site record storage facility can help ensure compliance and protect your business from unnecessary risk.

Who We Work With

  • Government Entities
  • Law Firms
  • CPA Offices
  • Financial Institutions
  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Any business needing secure, long-term storage

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