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Operational Planning


OSS recognizes that security planning and risk management are new to many highly regulated business owners. We make it our business (and our passion) to be a deep reservoir of expertise on state and local regulations and laws shaping highly regulated industries and emerging markets. Our operations security and compliance solutions are founded upon risk management protocols that ensure business continuity, loss prevention, and legal compliance.


  • Do you understand your safety and security obligations?
  • Have you conducted a security assessment or compliance audit?
  • Are you making effective use of technology in your operations?

Licensing & Applications

  • Assist clients with licensing and application submissions, including state-issued permit applications.
  • OSS experts are involved in application submissions so we are well-versed in the specific security profile of our clients and can readily assist with implementing needed security solutions.

Facility & Business Planning

  • Consults and designs custom facility security solutions that exceed State and Local compliance requirements for high-risk industries.
  • Provide 24/7 remote visibility of secured facilities by leveraging a portfolio of technologies that include secure mobile applications and web-based portals.

Comprehensive Compliance Plans

  • Compliance audits complemented by a broad portfolio of remediation actions to address any compliance gaps.
  • Custom development of security policies, operations manuals, employee guidebooks and training services.
  • Exceed minimum standards through regular compliance audits and other forms of verification.

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