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Facility & Specialized Security Consulting Services

OSS’ approach to physical security encompasses facilities, equipment, personnel, and property and ensures that all appropriate security controls are in place for comprehensive loss prevention, including unauthorized access, theft, damage, or destruction. We employ access control and CCTV electronic surveillance systems, sophisticated locks, protective barriers, and other technologies to prevent and detect intrusion attempts and to activate appropriate incident responses. Key questions we help address include:

  • Are your facilities hardened against internal and external threats?
  • Have employees adopted security practices when entering/exiting?
  • What are your critical security vulnerabilities and threat profile?

Facility Security

  • OSS consults and designs custom physical security solutions that exceed State and Local compliance requirements for high-risk industries.
  • Leveraging a portfolio of technologies that include secure mobile applications and web-based portals, business owners are provided 24/7 remote visibility of their secured facilities.
  • Digital video recording (DVR) and storage systems ensure compliance with mandated record-keeping requirements while providing appropriate State and Local law enforcement with transparent situational awareness.

Armed & Unarmed Guard Service 

  • Through exclusive partnerships with established private security companies, OSS provides physical security solutions consisting of uniformed armed and unarmed guards as well as plain clothes professionals for protection of executives or high-profile personnel.
  • Develop custom physical security service models for each client.
  • Work directly with State and Local law enforcement and compliance units to deliver physical security and guard service models that ensure continuity of operations and effective response protocols in the event of an incident.

Specialized Consulting Services

  • OSS also offers robust consulting services designed specifically to help businesses prepare their business license applications, site security plans, as well as comprehensive financial institution (FI) master account onboarding assistance.
  • Enable high-risk start-ups to incorporate; legally service highly regulated markets; and acquire bank accounts with credit unions and state-chartered banks.
  • Provide a comprehensive suite of compliance consulting services for both highly regulated businesses and FIs.

Why OSS?

High-risk industries present a number of unique challenges to traditional physical security practices. The large amounts of cash and the abundant availability of valuable products means that internal risks and threats can be as significant as external ones. Our specialized mission is to ensure that the success and sustainability of our clients’ businesses are not put in jeopardy by inadequate threat assessment, poor security planning, ignorance of compliance requirements or non-existent risk mitigation protocols. Our differentiation derives from our personnel who leverage a comprehensive set of skills, capabilities and experience toward addressing the unique needs of high-risk industries.

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